For those who are very keen on self-healing and personal development the following suggestions will help you create an accessible, organized self-help resource (i.e. a DIY Therapy Kit) that is suited to your own needs and wants. Store all of the material mentioned below in a basket, box or case as this makes it easy to take with you when traveling, moving etc.

A/ DIY Therapy Notebook

Purchase a notebook to record the type of information listed below. Before you begin number the pages but leave the first one blank for the ‘Table of Contents.’ Then, categorize the information by the following headings/sub-headings:

1/ Favorite Stress Relieving Techniques

This can include your best relaxation methods, physical exercises, remedies, hobbies etc. You can create sub-headings for these techniques and products, such as, ‘Meditations,’ ‘Natural Remedies’ and so on. My various lists include the following: writing, walks in nature, reading inspirational material, taking the Rescue Remedy, meditations involving the ocean and repeating the mantra “This too shall pass.”

2/ Preferred Therapists and Practitioners

Here you can include doctors and medical specialists as well as psychological therapists and alternative healers. My list is a mixed bag – medical doctor, kinesiologist, spiritual/energy healers and counselor, including all of their contact details. Over time you will add and subtract from this list as your therapeutic requirements change.

3/ Other Useful Self-help Resources

These resources include a range of things such as websites, self-help/support groups and organizations. They are useful if you want or need some other specific type of assistance (e.g. for an addiction, a medical condition or immediate (phone) counseling). These can be found in the phonebook but creating your own list makes them much easier to access when needed.

B/ Literature

If your most important self-help/New Age/Holistic/inspirational books and magazines do not fit in your Kit then find a place to keep them that is easy to access (e.g. in one section of your bookshelf or a corner of your desk). You may want to photocopy some pertinent pages and keep them in a folder in your Kit. My stack of publications includes aromatherapy books, a divinatory book and some Holistic magazines.

C/ DIY Divinatory Cards

Make your own cards using words or phrases that will help you decide what to do in a difficult situation. Buy a pack of visiting cards or cardboard pieces. You may use colored paper and writing material. Get creative and draw on the cards or use other decorations like glitter and stickers. Some of the words/phrases in my deck include – YES, NO, BEWARE, TRUST YOURSELF, WAIT and ADVANCE. Ask one of these questions as you shuffle the cards: “What do I need right now?” “Is this a good idea?” or “What should I do?” You may also create a deck of inspirational quotes created by yourself or others. Choose one when you are feeling down or to motivate you at the beginning of the day. Here are some examples of very empowering and thought provoking quotes:


“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” (Oscar Wilde)

“The Power is not in you – IT IS YOU” and “Love yourSelf by being yourSelf.” (Helen Papadopoulos)

“You are the ones you have been waiting for.” (Hopi Prophecy)

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“Just trust yourself then you will know how to live.” (Goethe)

 (This is a modified excerpt from the book “DIY Therapy: Simple Self-help Skills”.)

Happy Healing!