What should be brought to your awareness in August 2016?


(a Para-Gram by Paramahansa Yogananda)

“God is equally present in all, but in the heart of the spiritually minded, loyal person, who thinks only of Him, God is most definitely expressed. God is the secret of all mental power, peace, and prosperity. He is the real source of all that is desirable in life. Through your loyalty to God, you can establish your oneness with Him. Realize your soul’s perfection. Be loyal, as loyalty attracts the Divine Attention. When the storms of life gather, and the waves of trials buffet you, guide the boat of your life safely to the divine shores by realizing His omnipotence.”

Paramahansa is inviting you to be loyal to God (incidentally, I do not think of God as a ‘Him’ but if you do you will be able to resonate more easily with this message than I did at times, as the Creator of All of Creation does not have a gender, in my opinion). Loyalty to God is Loyalty to Self because you are an aspect of God’s Creation. I needed to remind myself of the meaning of this word, so here it is:

Loyalty: The quality or state of being loyal; a loyal feeling: a feeling of strong support for someone or something.


So…this feeling of strong support for God allows you to “establish your oneness” with the Creator – to become aware of it strengthens it: awareness cannot create the connection as it is always already so. This is a difficult concept to grasp at times of great distress because you tend to get cut off from so many things when you are psychologically fragmented. Stop. Focus on your breath. Remind yourself that God knows all, so what you need to do when navigating the “storms of life”, is to seek refuge from the One that gave birth to you, because, just like a loving earthly parent(s), your Creator will be loyal to you, too.

For those who were fortunate enough to be raised in a loving environment, this feeling of safety will have laid the foundation for a good connection to God which would then lead to a good relationship with Self because you would have been supported by your guardians (even if not your parents) on all levels. For those who were not so fortunate, the work is to become aware of this connection which did not exist for you in a tangible form during your developmental years.