PTSD Self Help: Flashbacks

Flashbacks are more prevalent amongst those who have endured Abuse Trauma. However, watching a loved one die (or anyone, for that matter) is also traumatic and does not necessarily involve any kind of victimization. This kind of recollection is extremely disturbing especially when you are recalling events that you have no conscious awareness of ever experiencing (i.e. repressed memories). Flashbacks are usually accompanied by insane levels of anxiety which manifest physically via panic attacks. When such memories rise to the surface you are ready to deal with them – here are a few tips to help you stay as centered as possible:
• Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Essence)
• The woody aromatherapy oils (sandalwood, rosewood, cedarwood)
• Peppermint oil
• Hands-on techniques, specifically frontal-occipital holding (place one hand on your forehead and the other at the back where your skull protrudes slightly – hold for three minutes)
• Self-soothing techniques: positive self-talk (e.g. ‘I’m OK’; ‘I’m safe now’; ‘It’s all over now’)

Excerpt from “DIY Therapy: Trauma” – Copyright Helen Papadopoulos (New Age Power) 2013