For the first time in these Oracle blogs, I will be using the Tarot to glean some guidance for 2015. I am still learning how to interpret the cards, but I have found that my own perception of the images and symbols on them play a big role in how I will decipher them (as is the case with every other reading). I have used the Major Arcana only for this reading – that is, the first 22 cards that deal with major life themes as I believe this to be a significant year ahead. I have chosen one card for every four month period and one more at the end to provide an overall message for the year.

January – April: Justice (Card 11)

A just outcome. It may involve a legal situation(s) which will turn out well for you since this card is also in the upright position (this usually indicates a positive meaning). This also represents fair treatment whether it be how you treat others or how others treat you – you may hear an apology from someone that has wronged you and it may change the nature of your relationship (or rekindle it, as the case may be). Overall, this has to do with making decisions – carefully considering all options and viewpoints in order to reach the fairest outcome.

May – August: Judgment (Card 20) 

This card showing up right next to the first one, reinforces the just judgment that you have been waiting on or working towards since the start of the year. It is also about making major decisions that are going to transform your life in ways that you may never have imagined. One phase of your life is ending (or has ended) and a new one now begins.

September – December: The Moon (Card 18)

The Moon card can indicate being deceived but considering the cards preceding it, I doubt it. This card also represents the feminine, intuitive side of your nature and in all likelihood, you must rely on this now to proceed with the new life that is in front of you. Deep subconscious phenomena will rise to the surface and this may be difficult to handle (there is something about this time of year that brings such things to the fore). There is uncertainty here and a need to rely on your inner world to get through it: dreams, feelings, visions. It’s a time to get creative as a way of healing the patterns that surface as well as getting professional help, if necessary.

Overall Theme: The World (Card 21) (Reversed)

This is the final card in the Major Arcana (the first being The Fool – Card 0). In the upright position, it indicates conclusions, reaching goals etc. and moving on to the next cycle. In the reversed position, it is telling you that the work ain’t over yet. It’s an indication of obstacles, a fear of change and delays. When I turned this card over, the first thought that popped into my mind was ‘having your world turned upside down’ because that’s exactly the way it looked. I think that the level of change in the second half of the year, will bring about such turmoil, primarily on the inner level, that it will make life difficult possibly because of pain, not knowing which way to go, or both. It is about finishing what you start or started, regardless of when it all began. An example from my own life would be the project I birthed in 2014 that will take many years to complete because that’s what is required on both the practical and personal levels, as it has, and will continue to, bring up my own as yet unhealed ‘stuff’. It’s a never ending story…at least, that’s what it looks like at this point in time…

Some other examples of situations that may come up for you:

  • You got engaged in the last couple of years and now your issues about marriage, or committed relationships in general, are rising to the surface.
  • You were promoted at work which has brought in more money and prestige but you hardly ever see your family. This is bringing up childhood pain related to not having either, or both, of your parents around because they worked so hard.
  • You are still grieving the loss of someone or something (whether it was last year or a decade ago), and so are finding it difficult to move onto the next phase of your life. (It still amazes me how many people try to side step grief, especially when it is something that usually takes years – the more profound the loss the longer it will take to grieve. Avoid anyone who makes you feel as though ‘you should be over it, already.’)

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill

“All healing is ultimately self-healing.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“The light at the end of the tunnel is you.” ~ Lenon Honor

As 2015 comes to a close, remind yourself of the positive happenings in the first half of the year, and chant the mantra “This too shall pass”.