“What do you most need to know this month?”


(from the Para-Grams deck by Paramahansa Yogananda).

“There is no such thing as fate; you make your own destiny. God has given you independence to shut out His power or let it in. You have more strength to overcome difficulties than you have troubles to overcome. You can remedy your mistakes because God has given you reason and will. First you must make up your mind; then hold your will steadily to your purpose until it is completed. Discipline yourself to develop your sleeping spiritual powers. Claim your divinity. Unite your consciousness with God, and receive blessings direct from his hand.”

This April you are guided to allow the following to sink into your consciousness: you make your own destiny. Yogananda is essentially talking about Free Will which requires making decisions about which way you want to go in life (Free Will is not ego acting on its own – it is a combination of logical and intuitive insight). What is described here is much deeper as it involves co-creating your life with God. In my experience, this requires going deeper with your own healing. As you peel away the layers of pain and false beliefs, you connect to your Divinity which is that spark of God within you – it is the reason you are here. What you do with that life, even from the spiritual planes before you are born, is up to you.

Since Free Will is the reason you are here (that is, you decided to come to Earth to have certain experiences – this is what I believe, anyway), then it stands to reason that it would continue throughout your life (or lifetimes). I have thought a lot about this for several months now. In the last few weeks, I have recalled an experience I had almost twenty years ago where I had to make a life or death decision, that to me, epitomizes the nature of Free Will. This may warp your minds a little but it actually happened…

A few weeks after I moved back into my early childhood home, I began to have visions of almost being run over by a car in that neighborhood. I kept seeing a car darting toward me as I was crossing the road. This scared me but not enough to keep me a prisoner in my own home. Then, one day, it happened. As the car was coming at me, I froze on the spot and began seeing my life flash before my eyes. After a few seconds, a deep, calm voice from within said, “I don’t want to die.” At this point, everything went into slow motion as it does in the movies. The car stopped about an inch away from me which would have been an impossibility about one minute before I made the decision to live. I am fairly certain that I would have died on impact due to the velocity at which that vehicle was headed toward me.

What happened in the days following this was even weirder. I remembered the day of my birth in the delivery room at the hospital. I could see a group of about six non-physical beings in white robes that were communicating with me via telepathy. They informed me that I would have the opportunity to check out of this life at a certain age, if I wanted to, and, that there would be no Karmic repercussions as a result. I accepted this because I knew what was coming back then. I knew I was going to endure very severe sexual abuse throughout my childhood. I was OK with it since surviving traumatic events is hard-wired into human biology. However, what I did not know was how horrific the journey of healing would be in my adulthood, and, that it was about to begin in earnest (via Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – P.T.S.D.) after I moved into the house where most of the abuse occurred. (I wonder what life on this planet would have been like without me in it??? Unfortunately, I have not had the experience portrayed in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”, where the protagonist is shown in a dream-like sequence, what the world would be like without him.)

Even though I do not think that fate can be done away with altogether, in essence, you are the one creating it (along with your Creator), even before your birth. It’s a matter of becoming more conscious of what makes you tick, what you are here to learn or to accomplish. The more aware you are, the more you can avert disastrous experiences. I could write a book about the number of times I have walked away from people and situations where I could see destructive patterns from the past (whether from this life or several others) about to repeat themselves.

Overall, I do not believe in fated relationships or situations – even though they may appear before you without any conscious effort on your part, you still have to decide what you are going to do in that moment, or, in future moments. ‘Spiritual contracts’, in my opinion, do exist, but for the most part, they are between you and the Creator, not necessarily between you and other individuals. Spiritual contracts, just like earthly ones, can be modified or nullified. I have seen many people suffer in such circumstances because they think they have to endure due to some past transgression, or, some promise that was made a very long time ago. They are usually waiting around for others to change but this very rarely happens. So many people forget that other people have Free Will, too. If you have learned your lesson, you have fulfilled your purpose and so, you may move on, if you so choose.

For anyone into astrology who believes that everything (or almost everything) is fated, consider this:

“The stars incline, they do not compel.”

~ Julius Firmicus Maternas, 4th Century Writer and Astrologer