How can you make the most of what is happening this month?


The World (Major Arcana 21)

Self help keywords and phrases: the end of one phase or chapter in life preceding the beginning of a new one; ecstasy; fulfilling a goal; wholeness; success; the joy of life; cosmic flow; the best possible outcome; new job or home; graduation; long distance travel; you receive what is rightfully yours.

You will make the most of what is happening this April by doing the best you can to move on with your life since some major part of it will come to an end – The World card is the final Major Arcana card which indicates a big completion in life. This does not mean that the new beginning will start right away but there will be a sense of something profound being well and truly over. Perhaps you left a job or career that you had outgrown – now it is time to look for something else, or, to create your own business, if you so choose. If you have just ended your primary relationship (husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, life partner etc.), I would not recommend jumping into another relationship so soon as you will need to grieve the loss. You may also require some time to reflect upon anything that went wrong within this union, so that you do not repeat this in future. You may decide to travel the world in between these major endings and new beginnings in your life.

The World Is Your Oyster.