The Three Most Important Lessons For August 2014…

(using the runes)

1/ Isa: Standstill

A period of non-action. Necessary delays. Avoid forcing movement. Rather than abandoning your goals, look for ways to reaffirm them. Contemplation and preparation. Things will change when the time is right.

2/ Kauno: Enlightenment

Gaining insight before taking action. Shedding light on your true path or purpose. Sharpening your discernment.

“Enlightenment itself is not the goal, it is just the starting point of a great adventure that will show you great wisdom and understanding if you proceed with truth and honesty.” ~ Bob Oswald

3/ Ingwaz: Harmony

Unity. Agreement. Love. Peace. Perseverance. Knowing that all is well even if goals and desires have not yet been realized. Enjoy the present moment.


It seems to me that there are still choices to be made this month, so it’s a continuing theme from last month. So much has changed and so much will continue to change. Many people and situations in your life have ended, or, are ending. New beginnings have not yet taken hold as everything is still in flux. I am experiencing this myself and I am surrounded by people who are right in the middle of major endings which can take months to be finalized (e.g. divorce, property sale, moving home etc.).

August is all about you knowing what to do, and being at peace about the time it will take to do it. This will be possible only after you have ventured within and made certain that what you have decided upon – in any and all areas of your life – reflects the true you.