What will help you create an awesome 2017?

The High Priestess (Tarot Major Arcana 2)

This Tarot card represents divine inner guidance. It is about sitting still and tapping into the feminine aspect of your nature as is symbolized by the full moon on her headpiece and the crescent moon at her feet (the moon represents the emotional, intuitive side of yourself). This card may also be interpreted as your seeking counsel from a spiritually wise or gifted woman – a woman that has knowledge of the mysteries of life (e.g. psychic, healer, priestess, medium).

As you move into 2017, pay attention to what your intuitive side is telling or showing you. This means spending time alone, away from as many distractions as you can possibly get (i.e. your iPhone/Smartphone, draining people, unnecessary busy work and so on). I know that this is difficult to do during the “silly season” but it is very important because it seems that you need to be prepared for the opportunities that will present themselves next year. If you are having difficulty getting the clarity that you desire, seek the counsel of a sage woman.

The bottom line is this:

What will help you create an awesome 2017, is focusing on the deeper aspects of yourself, your true purpose, as the compass by which to navigate your life’s decisions.

So it is!