What is the focus for February 2015?

Kauno reversed (rune): a lack of wisdom, openness, clarity, insight and knowledge.

King of Swords upright (tarot): good advice; balanced judgment; a fair decision; intelligence; assertiveness; justice; clear thought and analysis; head-based rather than heart-based decisions.

The focus this month is once again, on making decisions. This time, however, it is more about going with your head, using your intellect and avoiding sentiment (making fair decisions is the overall theme for the first few months of 2015).

Kauno reversed indicates that more information and thought is needed in relation to something that you are, or have been, contemplating.

The King of Swords indicates that you may need to consult some professional in order to get this clarity. The Court cards (Kings, Queens, Pages/Princes/Princesses, Knights), usually refer to other people. The King of Swords would indicate a lawyer, judge or government official – it is often associated with legal matters. It may also involve seeking the advice of a person who is highly intellectual/analytical if you are having difficulty tapping into this aspect of yourself. Even after consulting someone else for advice, you will ultimately have to make your own decision.

The following questions may help to sharpen your focus so that you make the best possible choice(s) for yourself at this time:

  • What practical steps do I need to take now in order to (fill in the blank)?
  • Who do I need to consult/collaborate with in order to make this happen?
  • How will I decide who to listen to or work with? What criteria are most important to me? (e.g. honesty; a balanced outlook; business or professional expertise; compassion; wisdom).

Even though the focus is on the intellect this month, I would add that you need to include your intuition when weighing out your options. After all, IT knows and sees ALL.

Happy Decision-making!