What will help you with your life purpose this month?

Ace of Wands (Tarot)

 New Life

Keywords: energy; birth; inspiration; optimism; invention; passion; confidence; motivation; creativity; procreation; growth; sex; opportunity.

This flows on so well from last month – it is a continuing theme of starting over in life but doing so in relation to your true purpose. This means, creating what you really desire as opposed to what everyone else is telling (has told or expected) you to do, or, possibly even what you once thought you should do. Your heart’s desires are where you get your drive and passion from – this is the fuel that lights the fire (the wands represent the fire/spiritual element) of creativity within you. This is what will continue to motivate you when challenges do arise.

The message is simple: Your passion for your life purpose will help you with your life purpose in July 2015.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” ~ Fabienne Fredrickson


P.S. – I will no longer be using reversed Tarot cards in my readings. I had a nagging feeling for several months to stop doing this but because I couldn’t think of a legitimate reason to stop, I held back. Then, I came across a video on a YouTube channel called “Veroosh Tarot”, where the reader went into great statistical detail as to why she doesn’t use reversed cards in her readings, so I received the answer I had been looking for. There are already quite a few negative card meanings in the deck when they are interpreted in the upright position. When the reversals are added, it increases the likelihood of getting a more pessimistic reading by over 60%. Since life is geared more toward the positive even during times of great turmoil, it makes sense to leave the deck as is. The more ‘unfavorable’ elements are already there represented by cards such as, the Tower, the Devil, many from the sword suit and so on. If they are relevant at the time, they will show up. Here’s to acknowledging the affirmative aspects of self and life!