DIY Divination for June 2015

I have chosen three runes that you may use in a reading in any of the ways outlined below, by creating your own method, or, by referring to my interpretation further on.


  • Use one or more of the runes as major themes for this month.
  • Each rune represents each ten day period of June in consecutive order.
  • Past, present and future spread for a particular issue.


  1. Raido: travel; change; destiny; relocation; unknown paths; new perspectives.
  2. Dagaz: positive outcome; awareness; security; new beginning.
  3. Tiwaz: courage; faith; victory; protection; leadership.

My Interpretation

June is going to herald some major new start for you. Of course, this will vary depending on what’s going on in your life but overall it’s looking pretty good. You will have the fortitude to see things through as is indicated by Tiwaz, the Warrior rune. Alternatively, you will end up becoming such a Warrior based on this new beginning, which was entered into through decisions undertaken as a result of a helluva lot of previous inner and outer work.

Enjoy Your Victory.