What do you most need to know this June?

Uruz – The Rune of Strength

Self help Keywords and Phrases: physical or mental strength; health; virility/fertility; endings and beginnings; a challenge that precedes a major life change; using personal strength to prevent others from using and abusing you; true power; taking responsibility for making your dreams come true no matter what obstacles cross your path; freedom.

I have a feeling that this follows on from events from last month, for some of you, at least. There is no need for you to feel guilty about doing what is right for you. This may involve some major life decision but it could be something way less significant that disturbs other people’s happiness because they cannot have their way with you anymore.

Whatever it is, you will need to tap into the power within and stand your ground. You will need to keep going regardless of any internal or external opposition that you may encounter, so it will lead you exactly where you want to go, with those that you truly desire to be with. In all likelihood, this will involve a significant change as it seems that this is what this rune is indicating.

Happy Healing!