What is the self-healing focus for October 2016?

Three rune spread with overall interpretation below.

Algiz: opportunity for growth; protection; rapid development.

Fehu: wealth; reward; work that leads to financial success; good fortune in every area of life.

Berkano: fertility; new life (literal or symbolic); renewal; good time to plant seeds but the harvest is yet to come.

October is a time to either reap the rewards of previous hard work, or, start over with something new. This ‘newness’ may be the result of letting go of something that was not productive, or, the completion of a situation that had reached its use-by date.

Self-healing in these two scenarios requires different approaches. In relation to reaping rewards, you may want to celebrate your achievements in any way that suits you: a party, a car, TV, iPhone, a holiday, or, being charitable with your good fortune. Overall, whatever you have accomplished should boost your self-esteem which is a very healing outcome, indeed. From the perspective of relationships, you may get engaged, married, move in together etc. You may give birth to, adopt, or foster a child. These are situations that would probably have been a long time in the making.

The last two types of rewards mentioned in the previous paragraph are related to new phases of life in relationships that also mean that you take on different roles: husband, wife, fiancé, parent. However, if endings are required before the new beginning can occur, there will need to be some time set aside for grieving (and any other emotions that may surface), and for planning what to do next in life. The self-healing emphasis here will be painful and so will require greater effort to accomplish. For help with letting go and moving on please refer to the following articles:

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Happy Self-healing!