This month we have an interactive healing oracle blog – I will choose three cards (words) from my mini-angel card deck. I will list them below with my own interpretation to follow. You may use them in several ways:

  • Pick one or more as guidance for September 2016.
  • Think of a question that you would like an answer to this month before you look at the words – then pick the one that answers your question.
  • Meditate on the one that stands out for you as it will have a special message for you.
  • Use the words to come up with a story that best describes your situation and how you can resolve it.
  • Refer only to my interpretation at the end.




My interpretation…

This is a stunning combination of words as they all indicate having fun but only if taking a road less traveled, or, going in a totally different direction. I also see this as needing to view the changes in your life – whether chosen by you or brought on by circumstances outside of your control – as an adventure, something to delight in, to even laugh at yourself if you feel uneasy or threatened in some way. This has to do with ‘newness’ on some level, even if it is only a psychological one. You may see how blessed you are for the first time in your life – this may create within you a sense of joy and openness to experiencing new things that you once thought impossible – think about it, feel good about it.

Enjoy your life.