Love is really what it’s all about – it is the catalyst for Creation on both the macrocosmic (global or universal) and microcosmic (individual) levels. After all, you cannot create from a hateful, fearful place.

Most of you probably preoccupy most of your time with romantic love but that is not the real thing (more on this below). There are, however, many kinds of love that, I believe, fall into two major categories: the love of people (children, family, friends, co-workers etc.) and the love of things, both tangible and intangible (your car, home, career, food, clothes, hobbies, music, writing etc.). (I wanted to add pets/animals here but I wasn’t sure about the category – since they are live creatures, they are more likely to fit into the first one.)

When you say that you love someone or something, what do you mean?

What is Love?

I can only describe my understanding of this feeling, or, state of being. For me, it is characterized first and foremost by a feeling of safety. I have never felt unsafe around anyone or anything that I loved, or, by anyone who loved me back. ‘Safe’ means that I am treated with respect, told the truth and taken care of if, for some reason, I cannot do this for myself. This sense of profound security brings with it peace and calmness. This can also be felt in the body, as a deep sense of relaxation and warmth. Everything is clear, makes sense, and I am happy to be open with those who are loving (or that I love). I am happy to be doing what I love (i.e. writing).

Of course, this does not mean that everything is peachy keen all of the time…how many do this during the honeymoon phase of a romantic relationship?

The Real Meaning of Romance.

Romance: to forge and tell fictitious stories.

Romantic: not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic.

(These meanings were taken from a video presentation on YouTube entitled, “Confusion of Voice” which is available on the channel, “Servant King.” The man who made this video is a former lawyer. He referred to Black’s Law dictionary, which is in fact, the go-to reference book for the English language – it’s not just ‘legal-speak’, it’s everyday-speak.)

So…romance doesn’t have anything to do with love, true physical and emotional intimacy – it’s all about lies or, not living in reality, which is what actually happens in that early part of most ‘romantic’ relationships. So many people lie about who they are, what they do, what they want, what they believe in, and so on, in order to seduce the other person. However, a relationship that starts as a friendship, where people are more likely to be honest about themselves, has a far better chance of creating an enduring bond…and that would actually be True Love.