When you are experiencing FEAR you are not at ease. You doubt your abilities and perceptions in relation to what to do. You lack the confidence – insecurity – to do something (or to do things differently if previous endeavors were unsuccessful) to get what you want and this causes anxiety. The only time FEAR is useful is when it is signaling some immediate physical and/or psychological threat for which you need to take steps to protect yourself (e.g. an impending natural disaster or the arrival of an abusive person into your life).

LOVE is the opposite of FEAR. LOVE involves peace and harmony – this is the natural state for all living things. This also creates clarity which enables you to figure out how to go about getting what you want in life. Even if you are still unsure of your capabilities, choices etc, being in a state of LOVE makes unfamiliar territory safe enough to enter.

A portion of DIY Therapy Chart: an Emotional Healing Guide.

Happy Healing!