“What will help us the most this week?” Grace (mini-Angel cards)

So, what will help us the most this week will be to remain (or continue to be) in a state of grace. This word has so many different levels of meaning that to focus on only one or two may deprive us of something that we are not yet aware of, or, that we have not yet experienced in life. For this reason, I have consulted my trusty thesaurus in order to list several meanings.

  1. beauty, charm, ease, elegance, finesse, poise, refinement
  2. benevolence, favor, generosity, goodness, kindness
  3. cultivation, decency, manners, tact
  4. charity, compassion, forgiveness, leniency, mercy
  5. blessing, prayer, thanksgiving
  6. adorn, beautify, decorate, distinguish, enrich, honor

What stands out for you? What do you resonate with the most right now? Is there a particular type of grace that you need to focus on or bring about in yourself and/or your life? If so, which one?

Happy Healing!


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