This week, the Oracle will be you. I will outline some ways that you can get in touch with your inner Prophet/Healer. Begin by asking yourself one of the five questions below to help you focus in on what you need to learn from your predicament/challenge/issue. There are also five techniques listed further on that will help to access accurate information for you, by you.

Life Lesson Questions

–          What is the purpose of the experience(s)?

–          How can I learn from it?

–          What is significant about this event for me?

–          What can I do differently next time?

–          How can I see this more positively?

Self-healing Techniques

1/ Meditation

As long as you are relaxed and focused you are meditating. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sit on grass or under a tree and look into the distance.
  • Sit quietly in a room that you like and focus on an object that gives you joy or a sense of peace (e.g. a picture or figurine of an angel, flowers or a color).
  • Repeat the word “Peace” or “Calm” as you do one of the above.
  • Visualize yourself in white light until you are at peace.
  • Pray in any way that suits you.

2/ Frontal-Occipital Holding

This scientific term sounds daunting but it is actually quite simple. The technique involves holding your head with both hands – one on your forehead (the brain’s Frontal lobe) and the other on the back of your head where the skull protrudes slightly (the Occipital lobe). This helps circulate blood to the brain which is relaxing/meditative. The Occipital lobe is where much of your past memories are stored. The Frontal lobe is where new insights, creativity and the higher thinking faculties are located. The aim of this exercise is to bring the past problematic issue to the fore and then to get the higher faculties to transform that negativity into something positive. Wait until you are relaxed before asking the questions. Pay attention to the words, feelings and images that come to you. Your hands may tire easily with this method so if possible get someone else to do it for you.

3/ Dreams

Analyzing your dreams can be tricky because you may not recall them or understand their symbolism. Other people’s interpretations may also not be relevant for you. ‘Programming’ your subconscious to help you with specific issues is possible. When you go to bed tell yourself (i.e. your intuition) to give you the answers in a literal, easily understood way which will be effortlessly recalled by you in the morning.

4/ Writing

Keeping a journal (which also includes your dream interpretations) is the best way to deal with psychological issues before they become major. Write without editing anything as this will allow the release of negativity which will then only leave the positive aspect(s) of the situation. The other way to use writing is to answer the specific questions listed above. This leaves you with a permanent record of how you dealt with it that can be accessed when needed.

5/ Divinatory Tools

I have been using such tools for almost every one of the HealThyself Oracle posts – you all know what they are. An accurate way to access your subconscious (which is the bridge to the Divine, higher spiritual realms) is to use your left hand to pick a card while your right hand is behind your back. The left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain – where the subconscious is located. Another way to do this is to look at your left palm while your right hand is behind your back and ask one of the questions (e.g. How can I learn from this?) then look down at the cards spread out on a flat surface – the first one you see provides the answer to your question. You can keep using this technique to answer each of the questions you have about an issue. Write down the responses and your thoughts on them. Refer to them when you need to.

Happy Healing!