Many have been emotional since the full moon last week and it will most likely spill over into this week. Using the negative and positive words from the DIY Therapy Chart in order to help us resolve whatever is troubling us the most…

“What is the most negative emotion this week?” Resentment

“How can we heal this resentment?” Faith

If you have read the monthly Oracle for April 2013 (which I just started posting), you will already know that Faith is important this month. My sense is that whatever we have been dealing with – most likely, by way of letting certain people and situations fall by the wayside – has made us feel resentful. This could be towards others who have hurt us in some way, or, a kind of generalized frustration with life. We may even feel angry with ourselves for doing or not doing something, especially if we were not in integrity during the process.

In order to turn this around, we need to trust that everything is happening exactly the way it is supposed to. This is easier said than done for Westerners because we are raised to ‘fix’ things and be ‘productive’ and ‘think’ our way through everything. The truth is, that for the most part, life does not work in this way. Yes, we have free will, but within limits. We cannot control the choices and destinies of others, the seasons, and very often, even the way that we feel about things and people. How many of us have ended up doing things (or being with people) that we never thought we would do?

So…instead of feeling resentful about what has not worked, we can let go and have faith that we are being (inwardly) led in the right direction.

Happy Healing!