‘What will help you the most this week?” Overcoming Difficulties (from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards deck).

Archangel Jeremiel: “The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.”

The last few weeks have been difficult. So many have been revisiting, reviewing and reorganizing elements of their lives that it may have left many of you reeling from the aftereffects. A constant theme is relationships. In my own life, this has taken the form of continuing to disentangle myself from people who are no longer in my life. They kept showing up in my dreams, many of them wanting to reconnect in the physical world, but I refuse to go back to people who treated me like crap. I did become frustrated by it all because I thought that this was done already, but this whole experience reminded me that I cannot control the feelings, thoughts and actions of others. It is simply time for me to move on.

This week’s message is one of reassurance (the last ‘re’ word in this post, I promise…) – it’s OK. Things are moving forward and you can now enjoy the tranquillity that follows each and every one of life’s upheavals.