“What is our lesson for the week?” Make a commitment (from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael Deck)

The prayer on the card reads: “Archangel Michael, as the angel of courage and confidence, I call upon you to lend me your strength. Allow me to commit to myself, my life, and my Divine purpose. Please clearly guide me so I can fully open my heart to every experience.”

I can most certainly relate to this because I have been on the verge of abandoning much in relation to what I believed was part of my purpose. I have had to re-evaluate my goals, how much time I spend doing things I don’t enjoy for work and so on. Personally, I have decided to commit only to what I enjoy or what I am skilled at, and handing over everything else to those who can do a better job. I have made a re-committment to myself which has led to more time and energy for me to rest, go outside and socialize.

In what way(s) can you further commit to who or what is important to you? Begin by examining the reasons why you would want to commit: Are you living according to your values (which may have changed recently)? Are you enjoying yourself? Do you need help?

Feel free to share your experiences here or with anyone else who can help you.

Happy Healing!