This week I will be using both the negative and positive emotional words from my DIY Therapy Chart in order to resolve an issue. If you cannot relate to the guidance outlined below then it is not for you (the same applies to every other HealThyself Oracle posted on this blog).

Think about something that has been bothering you lately then apply the following words in order to change the way you think about it…

“What do we need to work on this week?” (i.e. what is the main negative emotion)


So things have not really been going our way lately – maybe they’re taking longer than expected, maybe something needs to be tweaked or maybe something needs to be abandoned altogether. Think about how this is relevant to your situation.

“How do we transform this into something positive?”


This is not about pretending to be happy when we are not – it is about being reminded of the things and people that do make us happy and even being grateful for them. When circumstances need reevaluation the most important guiding principle is to do what brings us joy. If we have to wait for this, then we can continue to partake in what brings us happiness as a way of staying motivated and optimistic. For me personally, a great cup of coffee, a day at the beach and spending time with children make me very, very happy!

Happy Healing!