This week, I will use my DIY Therapy Chart Oracle cards in order to give you three choices as to how to resolve or transform a challenge that you have been facing lately. You decide if any or all of them help you heal the situation.

Ask yourself the following question:

“How can I resolve this?”

1/ Happiness is one of the options available to help you heal grief on the Chart. This is about doing what makes you happy or brings you joy, as a way of navigating the profound emotions of sorrow and sadness. This definitely fits in with what many have been experiencing lately – letting go of that which has passed its use-by (or sell-by) date. Even something as simple as sitting outside or playing with your pet may console you by reminding you that there is so much joy in life.

2/ Faith in my opinion, is about healing depression which is really buried anger or frustration. Things have not turned out as you would have liked or expected. Feel the disappointment, then move onto the next thing. Faith encompasses trust, patience and hope. All of these things are necessary because despite any actions that you may take, you will never know all of the possibilities that exist – only God is all-knowing. In my experience, if you hand things over to the Creator, they will turn out far better than anything that you may be able to imagine at any given point in time – this is the ultimate expression of Faith.

3/ Understanding is related to forgiveness which is related to healing guilt. Self-forgiveness is far more important for your own well-being, so this is where I will begin. In order to arrive at this place, you need to understand what motivates you to think, feel and act as you do. Quite often this involves looking back and discovering where you were at, at some point that may help you to understand why you did what you did. This will certainly help you to stop feeling guilty about something, which may not have been your fault (or responsibility) to begin with. If you are culpable in some way, make amends. If the other person(s) chooses not to forgive you, that is their prerogative. Converseley, if someone requires forgiveness from you and you choose not to give it, that is also OK. What will help you most is understanding why you cannot condone whatever was done to you (yes folks, ‘forgiveness’ is synonymous with ‘condonation’ regardless of what some therapists and New Agers will have you believe).

Happy Healing!