What would you like to resolve – for once and for all – in 2017?

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The Hermit (Major Arcana 9)

Astrological Correspondence: Virgo

Planetary Correspondence: Mercury 

Rune Correspondences (Virgo) : Berkano, (Mercury): Odin

Overall Analysis

The Major Arcana of the Tarot (the first 22 cards) were the only ones used in this reading for 2017. It is claimed that they deal with ‘fated’ events or issues – what is beyond your control. I consider fate to be that which you are not aware of, patterns and issues that you keep repeating either from your childhood, or, other lifetimes. Once aware of fated circumstances, you can do something about them which is where free will comes into it. The question I chose for 2017 is all about an ultimate resolution to some deep-seated issue that may be eons (or generations) old. The fact that the 9th card of the Major Arcana was chosen, further reinforces the nature of the question and the focus for this year – endings – as 9 is the last number before a new cycle begins. Sometimes, the ending and new beginning happen simultaneously – an example of this two-sides of the same coin of endings/beginnings is the day you get married: your life as a single person ends but it is only the very beginning of being a husband or wife. Remember this as events unfold for you in 2017. 


The Hermit is about time spent alone in order to find out who you really are – this means moving away from the crowd and discovering your uniqueness. This usually involves healing – it is here that the correspondence with the zodiac sign of Virgo comes into play with the Hermit, as Virgo is about healing and purity. Purity can be both physical and emotional/spiritual. You may need to go to a healer, a teacher, or, some other person who has amassed great wisdom during their lifetime, in order to help you with your self-discovery. 

If you have already undergone the process above, then the Hermit is about you now “lighting the way” (as is demonstrated by the lantern held by the hooded man in the image on this card) for others who are on the same journey of self-discovery or healing. Your perspective is unique to you but the wisdom acquired from your experiences may be passed on to others in order to help them: the student becomes the teacher; the healed, the healer. If you have been assisting others by sharing your wisdom, then it’s time to step it up a notch. (By the way…the number 9 is also about humanitarianism – being of service to people, showing compassion, and so on.)

The rune correspondences add greater meaning to the message of the Hermit: Berkano is about new beginnings, planting seeds that are not yet ready for harvest, as there is a period of waiting until the time is right for the plant to bear fruit (i.e. self-exploration is a time-consuming process); Odin, is the blank rune which represents God or the Self – returning to the true self to connect with the source of Creation where you can begin a new phase of life from a clean slate. 

Taking all of this information into consideration then, there are two main answers to the question for 2017: 

What would you like to resolve – for once and for all – in 2017?

  1. Finding your true path in life, what you were born to do. You may need to heal (or resolve) some ongoing issue(s) in order to get there. 
  2. Helping others with their own challenges, or, life path, in whatever way(s) that you can, based on your experiences, knowledge etc. Your resolution lies in giving what you have received from your inner exploration. In other words, it is time for you to manifest, or expand upon, your life’s purpose.  


  1. If you do not already keep a journal, start keeping one in 2017. You do not need to record every single thought, feeling or event unless you want to. Even if you only write a few sentences at the end of every week describing what you have discovered, how you have changed, and so on, it will complement any healing work that you are doing with a professional, and, it will help clarify what you desire to do with your life. If writing is not your thing, you may record video or audio messages using the technology that is accessible to most people these days. 
  2. Do some research into ways that you can put your wisdom out there, then go ahead and do it. This may involve writing books or articles; starting your own YouTube channel, website, blog, social networking sites, Meetup group; giving talks at local bookstores, community centers, libraries etc.; hiring an agent or publicist…

May you resolve whatever you need, or, desire to resolve, in 2017.

So it is!!!