This week, I will present you with three divinatory choices which you can use in any way that you wish:  ask a question, scan them to see which one resonates with you, they may all resonate with you…you decide.

  • Love (from my DIY Therapy Chart positive word card deck): LOVE is the opposite of FEAR. LOVE involves peace and harmony – this is the natural state for all living things. This also creates clarity which enables you to figure out how to go about getting what you want. Even if you are still unsure of your capabilities, choices etc, being in a state of LOVE makes unfamiliar territory safe enough to enter.
  • Gebo (rune): Gift or partnership. This rune signals receptivity – it is time to accept and embrace whatever gifts come your way. It could be money, a job offer, marriage proposal, business deal and so on. It is also about creating balance in any exchange or relationship so if you have been giving too much it is time to receive and vice versa.
  • Indriel (Messages from your Angels Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue): “You are a light worker. God needs you to shine your Divine light and love – like an angel – upon the earth and all of its inhabitants.” This Angel represents giving – if you help others in whatever way that you can, you are a symbolic ‘angel’…some people may even refer to you as such, “Thanks doll – you’re an absolute angel!”

Looking at all three of these messages, I see a theme: the giving and receiving of Love. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Happy Healing!