“What do we need to know this week?” Dagaz – the Rune with the following meaning…

“You have a golden opportunity right in front of you. You are at a crossroads and can go backward or forward. If you go forward life will never be the same again. Do not be afraid to follow your true destiny and go for what you really desire. This is your time.”

This seems like a great week for profound movement forward in life but of course, this can bring up all sorts of issues: Will we make the right decision? If not, what will be the consequences? Are we worthy of  what we desire? Are we capable of handling all that our choice entails?

The truth is that we will never have the answers to all of these questions all of the time. And even if we have clarity, we may still feel emotionally stymied in some way. We need to feel our emotions and act anyway – whichever direction we choose to take is our individual responsibility. Speaking from my own experience, things work out OK in the end. Even if a mistake is made, a lesson is ultimately learned.

Happy Moving Forward!