“What do we most need to know?” Prayer will help this situation (Archangel Michael deck by Doreen Virtue)

“Dear God and Archangel Michael (and anyone else to whom you pray, such as Jesus), I ask for your Divine intervention (describe the situation). I welcome your help, and I trust and follow your guidance with gratitude and grace. I need a miracle and ask that you send one to me and this situation quickly. Thank you and amen.”

When I pulled this card I was worried at first because I believed that the message on it was a sign of imminent or major difficulty. Of course challenges are a part of life, but I have grown tired of them of late! I would like some respite…Then I thought about it for a while and realized that this is about asking for help in general (i.e. from the physical and/or non-physical realms). Asking for help is a two-way street – when we pray we must be willing to listen to the answers that come to us via our intuition or physical signs; when we ask someone in the material world for assistance, we must also be willing to pay attention to what they advise without foregoing our inner insight. This often entails being prepared for unexpected solutions. It also requires remaining faithful to the Creator because only She/He knows all possibilities – sometimes the information is relayed via other people.

The prayer on the card includes the word ‘grace’ which was the theme for last week. Gratitude is included in the prayer but this is also an aspect of grace. What we really need to know this week is that if we are struggling with, or wishing for, something, a humble and thankful attitude will see us through. This is actually what opens the door to miraculous solutions and experiences.