“What is most needed this week?” Pertho (rune in reverse)

When Pertho is upright, it foretells: fate, hidden things, occult abilities, destiny, luck, an initiation.

In the reverse it means: stagnation, misfortune, bad timing, misuse, unavoidable difficulties, dishonesty.

This is a gentle warning – one that tells you to slow down and pay attention to any signs that are trying to protect you from any (or any further) harm. If you are experiencing a heavy feeling in your gut, tightening of your chest, delays, continuing arguments and miscommunications with the same people, take these as signals that it is time to go in a different direction or to leave certain people and situations.

If you have been waiting on opportunities and people to come forward (especially if you have been waiting for a long while), you may want to jump on something that presents itself, but I would advise you to wait and look further into whatever is put in front of you. There may be something far better for you and it may be just around the corner.


P.S. – This will be my final weekly HealThyself Oracle post – from now on I will only be writing monthly and yearly posts of this nature. I will continue to write articles on other topics as well – many are already available on the blog of this website (if you would like to take a look, go to the blog box to the right of every page on this site (under the ‘Search’ tab), click on ‘TAGS’ where a number of keywords will pop up – click on a topic that you are interested in and all of the articles related to it will come up on the page). If you do not want to keep returning to the website to check the monthly guidance, you can print the page and refer to it when you need to (the print option is available on the social networking share tab to the left of the page). Thank you to all of you who read and share these posts and I hope that you will continue to find them helpful.