“How can we make the most of this week?” Energy Cannot Die (from Dick Sutphen’s “The Oracle Within”)

“Energy cannot die…Human beings are energy. You cannot die, nor can those you love. We can only transform or reincarnate into new potentials of exploration. Energy also cannot stand still. By its very nature it must move forward or backward. When you are excited and challenged about what you are doing, your energy moves forward and expands. When you are bored, depressed, or burned out, your energy moves backward, preparing for a change that will bring some kind of transformation.”

We can make the most of this week by paying attention to our energy, how we are feeling, in particular. If we are moving forward we will have the energy to do what we need to. If not, we may wish that we felt otherwise, but it is really only a sign that things are about to change – either way, it’s all good.

(This information may also apply to those who are grieving after the loss of loved ones – especially those who have died recently with the Earth catastrophes and violence experienced throughout the world. Know that your friends and relatives still exist in spirit – this may not help you right now but in time it will bring great comfort. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and any surviving loved ones.) 

Happy Moving Forward or Backward, as the case may be.