“What do we most need to know this week?” Answering Honestly (from Dick Sutphen’s “The Oracle Within”)

“You need to become more assertive in the expression of your own rights, wants, needs and feelings. It is your right to maintain self-respect by answering honestly – even if it hurts someone else – as long as you are being assertive as opposed to aggressive. Sadly, from childhood we learn to deal with our problems indirectly and often dishonestly. We repress our actual feelings at the expense of our self-respect and often our physical well-being…When do you need to be more assertive? Who do you need to stand up to? When are you going to begin?”

This paragraph pretty much says it all…I would disagree with the author about the aggressiveness part because I do think that it is sometimes necessary (for more on this read the following article: Assertiveness Revisited), however, I can definitely see where I need to do this. How about you?

Happy Asserting Yourself!