“What do we most need to know this week?” Tenderness (from my mini-angel card deck)

Whenever I choose this card for myself, I know that I am going to be extra sensitive about something. It could be due to a loss or some other kind of change or even a healing, where a cocktail of emotions rise to the surface which then need to be processed. I find that spending time alone and taking very good care of myself is the only way to go. I also drink plenty of water. So…this week we need to nurture ourselves in whatever ways suit us in each and every moment.

Another way to look at ‘tenderness’ in relation to the question “What do we most need to know?” is that we may have reached a place in our lives where we are now more tender with ourselves and others – that is, we now truly know what tenderness means. This will certainly serve to help us deal with any current emotions and issues.