“What do we most need to know at this time?” Mastering Relationships (from Dick Sutphen’s “The Oracle Within”).

This is solely about life partnerships or primary relationships – it fits perfectly with the theme for this month. Dick lists twelve principles that he believes every relationship should have in order to foster the growth of each individual. I will list these below – if you are already committed to someone, this is a great guide to help improve things; if you are unattached, use this as a foundation from which to build a healthy new relationship (if you want one).

1. Love: Each will love as the other wants to be loved.

2. Acceptance: Treasure the other’s uniqueness without expectations of change.

3. Commitment: Both totally commit to the relationship – physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

4. Support: Encourage each other in ways that increase self-esteem.

5. Detachment: Let the little things go.

6. Communication: Openly share yourself, discuss mutual needs and compromise on solutions.

7. Listen: Be willing to appreciate the other person’s position even when you don’t agree.

8. Comfort: Be friends as well as lovers. Let your union be a refuge of balance and harmony.

9. Transcend Anger: Hostility arises only from the expectation of having things your way.

10. Time: Share activities that serve as building blocks of a good relationship.

11. Transcend Blame: Resist the expression of self-pity, which is incompatible with karma.

12. Spirituality: Foster each other’s spiritual growth.

Happy Partnering!