“What do we most need to know at this time?” Self-worth (from “The Oracle Within” by Dick Sutphen)

“YOU NEED TO EXPLORE YOUR FEELINGS OF SELF-WORTH. Universal Law says you can only attract that which you feel worthy of receiving. High self-esteem is critical to your happiness and success because you are a living expression of your belief system.”

I have dealt with the topic of self-esteem in various ways for myself over the years and I have written about it so often too, that it seems like it should be over with, already. However, it isn’t always about issues from our childhood or any other type of pain from the past, that is necessarily the culprit. It could be something that has happened quite recently that has affected our self-worth in a new way that must now be healed. A good example of this was the time I heard Uma Thurman describe her self-esteem as “mangled” after the break-up of her marriage in an interview on Oprah, many years ago. I believe that was something new for her at that time which required that she examine her self-worth in a way that she did not need to do before that time in her life.

It is really about examining our beliefs but sometimes we are not aware of this until we are faced with a situation where we have to make a decision: “Am I going to marry the man I love or the man who can guarantee my financial security”?; “Will I buy that expensive dress for myself or give that money to my boyfriend who wants a new sound system for his car”?; “In order to keep so-and-so as my friend, I have to agree to do whatever he wants when we hang out – do I want to do this from now on?”.

When I need to decide what to do in a situation where I may compromise my self-esteem and self-respect I ask myself the question: “If I had to make this decision for one of my loved ones, what would I choose?” You will always make the right decision when you think about your situation from this perspective.

Self-worth is an appropriate issue to look into during this month since it is all about making our dreams come true. If we do not believe we are worthy of them, then even if we are able to make them come true via our actions, we will most likely sabotage them when they arrive.

So…we need to treat ourselves as we treat our loved ones – this may be a bit of a culture shock for some but it can be done. Then, watch what hapens…