Recently, I acquired a new rune set which included a guidebook that introduced me to a new way of working with the runes (and other forms of divination).

So…think of a challenge, conundrum or irritant that you would like some help with and apply the following 3-step method…

A Favorable Element

Algiz – Protection. This is fairly self-explanatory. No-matter what you do, you are protected, shielded. It indicates that any obstacle can be overcome.

An Obstacle

Wunjo – Satisfaction or Joy. Since this is in the obstacle position, it means that you are not satisfied with whatever is going on. Look further into this and determine what it is that is not up to par. For example, are you dissatisfied with work? If so, what could you do to create more joy? Some options to consider: look for another job; spend more time on your hobbies or begin planning a future transition to self-employment. The previous rune indicates that you will receive the help that you need. That is, there will be no major dramas other than the ones you may create yourself.

The Solution

Thurisaz – Gateway. This indicates a door opening to a new beginning or a different path. You may need to come up with strategies, take risks and see to the completion of projects. If you take into account the favorable element mentioned at the first step, your success is assured.

Happy Healing!