This month I will try a more interactive approach by giving you some options as to how to interpret the divinatory choices: (or, devise your own way of working with this information):

  • One rune for each ten day period in April (thirty days in total).
  • Use the Three-point Therapy Technique (TM) to resolve a personal issue: think of a recent or unresolved issue, then, choose one rune for each of these steps: 1/ Cause (the root of the problem); 2/ Meaning (the lesson or purpose of the problem); 3/ Release (how best to move on from the problem).
  • Choose one rune that stands out as an overall theme for the month.
  • Refer to all three rune meanings as the major themes, or lessons, for April.

  1. Jera: Harvest; fertility; fruition. Reaping the rewards of past efforts or attaining a goal – a time of joy and celebration. It is also a time of gathering all of your lessons, resources, strength and so on in order to prepare for the next phase (or the next season).
  2. Berkano (in reverse): Lack of growth. Decline or loss in business, profits etc. Inappropriate time for new ventures.
  3. Kauno (in reverse and converse or face-down): Darkness, lack of knowledge or insight. May act as a warning in relation to pursuing certain paths that look good on the surface but are misleading (or false) in some way. This could also indicate that something dark and cold may obscure great insight and growth until it is uncovered (e.g. the processing of grief after a major loss leads to a new lease on life).

My overall take on this month…

It is going to be an angst-ridden one that will ultimately lead to great awareness – clarity of purpose and direction. The first rune is letting you know that you have come a long way, learned many lessons that you must now use to navigate this turbulent time. Ride the waves as they come and know that by next month, things will be soooo much better.

May you find some benefit and/or joy from surfing some very gnarly waves…