“What do we really need this month?” Laguz (Rune) 

Laguz relates to manifestation – being the magician in our lives. What we really need to do this August is tap into the alchemical powers that we possess which allow us to create what we want in our lives. As above, so below; as within, so without. The trick here is not to get too controlling or to have too many expectations about how things should be.

We master our true creative potential when we work with the powers of the Universe (or God or Creator) which also includes ourselves since we are a part of the All. This requires listening  to signs (and acting upon them) that we receive externally (e.g. constantly seeing the word ‘trust’ which has been happening to me lately – I see it on billboards, TV commercials, in readings I do for myself etc), as well as internally. To illustrate the esoteric-type of sign, I will tell you about something that I recently experienced.

I woke up one morning with Sheryl Crowe’s song, “Strong Enough (to be my man)”, playing over and over again in my mind. I have not heard this song in waking life for a very long time – possibly years. This means that my subconscious (or my soul) is trying to give me a very important message. As a single woman, and knowing myself quite well, I know that I need a very strong man to even consider being in a relationship – not a baby that needs a mother. Unfortunately, too many men are raised like this, and this creates issues in relationships (of course, women create problems too but as a heterosexual woman, men are my focus). “Strong'” is also often misconstrued as being stubborn or controlling and forceful – NO! True strength comes from within and it exudes without in the way that he lives his life – he knows who he is and supports you in being yourself. There are men who will feign this for a while until you are committed to them in one way or another (e.g. marriage, living together, having children etc). Then, they will show you who they really are. If I was in a relationship like this I would leave, which would then make me a single woman again…

This message from within highlighted the fact that I do indeed need a truly strong man otherwise I prefer to remain single. As I honor what I need and want in a partner and in my life, I manifest that in my physical reality by making the right choices. This is why I am currently single and I trust that I have made the right choice for me.

So…in August 2013 pay attention and act upon, both the internal and external signs you receive about which steps to take next on your profound journey – you may be surprised by the magical results.