“What will be most meaningful to you this month?”

I will present you with three divinatory choices that will help you navigate the ups and downs of the month. With the various holidays all over the world in December, it tends to be quite hectic and stressful. I have also listed some natural remedies below to help you cope with this extra tension.

  1. Powerfulness (from my DIY Therapy Chart positive word deck) – this word/concept is all about connecting to your inner core. The quickest and most authentic way to do this, is to take part in activities that you enjoy. You may already have a job/career/purpose that you love in life but it is still work. I have often overworked simply because I love what I am doing without realizing that it is still labor and I need to do other things to create that balance in life. In December, this does become even more important for physical and mental health. So, recharging in nature, watching funny movies, spending time with children – these are a few ways in which I like to spend my time away from work. How about you?
  2. Gebo (rune ‘X’) – this was the theme for last month: divine gifts and partnerships. Considering how much gift giving takes place in the Western world this month, it makes sense that this would show up. However, I also think it is about asking for help as well as giving help when it is needed or requested by someone else. Many are alone at this time of year, missing people who have passed on, or, too cash-strapped to afford gifts. If you are in this position ask for assistance – someone is sure to reciprocate.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle (Archangel Raphael from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards) – “Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimum health.” This is probably the worst time to try to do physically healthful things… However, the fact that it is coming up means that it is important. Maintaining some kind of balance with diet, work, rest and play is vital this month. My sense is that if you don’t, you’ll be paying a hefty price come January 2014.

The overall theme for this month: Self-care.

Natural Remedies

Lavender oil: insomnia, nervousness, headaches.

Rose oil: irritability, sadness, loneliness, anxiety.

Peppermint oil (and tea): indigestion, heartburn, sinus issues.

Chamomile oil (and tea): insomnia, indigestion, grief.

Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Essence or BFE): panic attacks, any extreme emotion (anger, guilt, grief, fear and so on).

Clematis (BFE): difficulty enjoying the present moment.

White Chestnut (BFE): obsessive or worrying thoughts.

Star of Bethlehem (BFE): profound grief.

Wishing you all very happy and healing holidays in December 2013.