Three Major Themes for December

Via the Runes

1. Kauno: Enlightenment

This has been a consistent theme for 2014 so it doesn’t surprise me that it would show up at the end of the year, to cap it off, so to speak… It’s about shedding light on your path, and following through with what you know is right for you. Staying true to yourself is paramount, so keep checking in with your heart and your head as true discernment requires the use of both. This can be difficult to do when there is so much happening on a psychological level because in order to get to this truth, much needs to be acknowledged and transformed which is VERY painful – this too, has been an ongoing phenomenon this year. Then, there is the interference from others. Some of them may mean well but they are not helping when they insist that you do things their way, in their time. Stay strong.

2. Sowilo: Revelation

This flows on nicely from the first rune, as once again, it is about shining the light on yourself and your path. Sowilo means ‘the sun’ – there is no brighter light than what emanates from it. Symbolically, it has the capacity to reveal what is real and right for you. An example from my own life would be the decision to move away from my homeland because I cannot grow, or fulfil my purpose, from that location anymore. It’s not easy but it is absolutely the right thing for me to do.

3. Ingwaz: Harmony

All is well when you are living authentically. This also involves other people – being in agreement, or in unity, in your personal and/or practical life.


Integrity is very important right now. It has been a theme throughout the year and it culminates in December. When you are living in your truth, despite what anyone else may say, think or do in relation to it, you will be happy. This joy and peace means that you will make life affirming choices thus finding yourself in situations and around people, who reflect and support, the real you. This is a great foundation from which to begin 2015 as well as a solid base from which to build a brand new life.