Think of your most pressing problem right now then answer the following questions…

(The responses below are from the book “DIY Therapy Chart: An Emotional Healing Guide.” You may come up with your own answers to these questions. The following self help tips are examples of how to work through your own issue.)

What is the worst thing about this for me?


How can I resolve this?


So…whatever is problematic for you this month may lead to feelings of sorrow, or, regret. Sorrow is associated with grief, so this may be quite painful. You may feel very sad about some ending that you had to bring about yourself, or, that someone else brought about for you.

The way out of this is to get clear about why this ending had to happen. It will not alleviate your pain, but it will help you accept it so that you can move on when you are ready to do so. It will also help you establish clarity in relation to your life lessons so that you make wiser choices in future.

Some examples:

  • You end your loveless marriage. You realize that you rushed into this marriage when you moved away from your parent’s home because you were afraid to be alone. You decide to develop more independence before doing this again (that is, if you ever decide to marry again).
  • You relocate because you no longer have anything in common with those in your hometown. Beyond that, you do not feel challenged there. This sense of stagnation is very stressful so you decide to risk facing the unknown with all of its stressors because it will help you grow.
  • You leave your very lucrative career in order to live off grid with a friend. This decision was made after you spent a week on his property which utterly transformed the way you wanted to live. This means leaving absolutely everything and everyone familiar behind, but you are willing to experience the sadness in order to live what you consider to be, an authentic life.
Natural Remedies To Help Alleviate Sorrow/Grief:
Aromatherapy: Rose, Chamomile.
Bach Flower Essence: Star of Bethlehem
Natural Remedies To Help Bring About Clarity:
Aromatherapy: Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil, Lemon
Bach Flower Essences: Clematis, White Chestnut, Walnut
Happy Healing!