What is your biggest lesson in February 2016?


(a Para-Gram by Paramahansa Yogananda)

“Faith is the intuitive experience of all truth and the meditation-born conviction that we are made in the omnipotent, all-knowing, all-seeing image of God. Faith is an innate quality of the soul, but in ordinary human beings it is latent. It has to be awakened, nurtured, and brought into full manifestation by deep meditation which brings conscious contact with one’s soul, and hence God. One who has faith in the divinity of his own soul, his true nature, and who has love for God and faith in His omnipotence finds quick freedom from suffering caused by past evil actions. The light of faith ushers his consciousness from the dark realm of mortal limitation into the kingdom of immortality of our one Father, God.”

This one is difficult for so many – myself included – because of the habit of doing, being productive, action oriented and so on. So, it is one of the biggest life lessons for most people, especially in the Western world. Stop. Breathe. Meditate. Close your eyes. Sit down. Take a nap. Take a trip to the ocean. Sit under a tree. Even if you do not believe in a deity, or Creator of the Universe, these are activities that you can do simply as a way of coming back to yourself. These are ways to separate yourself from all of the needs, desires and expectations that others place upon you (or, that you place upon yourself), that do not have anything to do with the real you.

If you have regrets about any previous decisions or actions that you have taken, stop and consider why you did what you did. If you have to make amends, do so. If you have to forgive yourself, go ahead.

Overall, this is a time to “Let Go, Let God” and to “Know Thyself”. So it is.