What’s the most important decision you will make this month?


(From the Para-Grams deck by the Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda.)

“Virtue and purity are not rooted in weakness. Rather, they are strong qualities that fight the forces of evil. It is within your power to choose how much purity, love, beauty, and spiritual joy you will express, not only through deeds, but in your thoughts, feelings, and desires. It is necessary to rouse from the deeper recesses of your consciousness the intuitive faculties of the pure soul. The power of habit is very important on the spiritual path. Keep a pure mind and you will find the Lord ever with you. You will hear him talking to you in the language of your heart; you will glimpse him in every flower and shrub, in every blade of grass, in every passing thought. “Blessed are the pure of heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8).”


So… this month you are faced with the decision to stay positive – not only seeing the good around you, but making the concerted effort to stick with affirmative inner states. Most people have great difficulty doing this, myself included. I also believe that too much ‘positivity’ prevents you from seeing the detrimental aspects of life which can be quite devastating. However, this is more about taking the higher (Godly) ground regardless of what is going on. What usually works for me is consistently looking for the upside of any situation.

I will aim to illustrate this below:

You are bombarded by the views and desires of those around you in your work and/or personal life. They are not respecting your views or your wishes so they need to be confronted. You can do this in an assertive, dignified way, but, be prepared to be ignored, vilified or to have even more pressure applied to you if you tell them something they don’t want to hear. In these instances, it is best to leave (or, to at least contemplate leaving). For example: “I value your friendship but I do not have romantic feelings for you.”; “I love working here but I cannot stay on unless something is done about so-and-so’s bullying.”; “Thank you for taking care of me as a kid, sis, since our parents weren’t around, but I am a grown man now so I can take care of myself.”

The lesson/upside here:


Happy Healing!