January 2017 DIY Divination Decision

(Choose one of the divinatory selections below that you believe will help you the most this month – you may find that two, or, all three are relevant for you. I will provide my overall interpretation at the end, as per usual.)

Mini Angel Card: Gratitude.

Rune: Dagaz: Transformation; Breakthrough; Hope; Dawn.

Para-Gram (by Paramahansa Yogananda): Opportunity: “Any opportunity that comes to your life is your own creation; it does not come of itself, nor by chance “good luck.” Opportunity is either created now, or has been created at some time in the near or distant past, by your own rightly guided will. If you see no opportunity now, create one by your will, which is a divine instrument within you. Say, “I will do everything for myself with my own will, which is a reflection in me of Divine Will.” Act on this truth, and opportunity will come to you.” 

My Interpretation

Be grateful for the opportunities that are presented to you this month. They are most likely the result of previous efforts that are now starting to pay dividends. The work that was required to get you here was internal (healing), external (anything to do with advancing your career, education, network etc.), or, a combination of both. These efforts transformed you in whatever way(s) were necessary to prepare you for the arrival of said opportunities.

The other way to look at this, is that the opportunities offered will bring about great transformation in yourself, or, your life, as they may involve making major changes that you had not previously anticipated (e.g. moving to a different location, getting married, an unplanned pregnancy, studying something you had not been interested in before…).

Whatever is happening right now is heralding a new beginning in your life that may not begin in earnest this January. It may involve letting something go in order to make room for something else – maybe this ‘something’ is unknown to you at this time. In my own life, I have decided to stop writing the HealThyself Oracle blog posts (as well as letting go of many other things and people), because I need to free up my time and energy for other pursuits that have yet to arrive in my life. I am simply making space for them to arrive and to be able to stay on for as long as they need to.

Embrace the New Dawn on the Horizon.


P.S. – To reiterate…this is the final HealThyself Oracle blog. I hope that those who have read these blog posts over the last four years, have received some benefit from them.