“How can I resolve this (fill in the blank) in July 2014?”


(from the Para-Grams deck by Paramahansa Yogananda)

“When God does not respond to your prayers, it is because you are not in earnest. If you offer Him dry imitation prayers, you cannot expect to claim Heavenly Father’s attention. The only way to reach God through prayer is by persistence, regularity, and depth of earnestness. Cleanse your mind of all negation, such as fear, worry, anger; then fill it with thoughts of love, service, and joyous expectation. In the sanctum of your heart there must be enshrined one power, one joy, one peace – God.”

This month, I have left the question open for you to add any situation that you may need help with right now. The message is very similar to the one chosen in June – God Is In Charge. However, this time, it is about internal focus on what it is that you truly desire, need or want to create in life and/or yourself. Prayer is focused intention, it is reconnecting with your Inner Oracle which is already an aspect of God (or of Creation which, in my opinion, is both masculine and feminine). Meditation is another word for it, even though some would interpret prayer as ‘asking’ for what you want, and meditation as receiving the answer to that question. Ultimately, it is about co-creating with God because you cannot do it all yourself, and, God cannot do it all for you. Action is always required for manifestation on the physical plane but without inner-directedness, any action taken is usually a huge waste of time and energy (and, depending on the situation, money, too).

Yogananda also emphasizes the heart, which does not communicate in thought, only emotion. Your emotions must be life affirming for a true connection with Creator, a true prayer or meditative experience. Acknowledge and express the negative emotions first, then still yourself and embody what is left: power, joy and peace.

Before proceeding with trying to resolve any situation this month, stop, find your center and give yourself the advice that is right for you, and you, alone.