How can I help myself this month?

King of Pentacles (Tarot card)

Worldly Success

Self Help Key Words and Phrases: ambition; practicality; business know-how; wealth; patience; reliability; financial ability; leadership in industry; hard work; professional or well-earned success; perseverance.

You will help yourself this month by taking stock of your financial situation – what do you need to do right now? Do you desire a new job? Are you looking to start your own business or improve your current business? Do you need to save or invest money? Are you considering buying or selling real estate?

The King of Pentacles may also represent a person that enters your life that can help you with these endeavors (e.g. financial advisor; businessman; manager; real estate developer; banker; investor etc.), or, you may be this person making the appropriate financial choices that will lead to worldly success (maybe you reach the top this month).

The other meaning for this card involves making sure that you are surrounded by steadfast, loyal and honest people that do not necessarily have anything to do with finances – the Earth King is characterized by these qualities and is usually represented by someone over the age of forty (it could also be a woman as this is a general reading).

From a psychological perspective, taking care of your finances will dramatically reduce your stress levels as well as helping you create the life that will make you truly happy.