“What do we need to change this month?” Misplaced Responsibility

“How can we change it?” Transformation

(from the DIY Therapy Chart card decks)

“Misplaced responsibility” is another term for guilt. We dealt with this a few weeks ago in the following post: HealThyself Oracle for 6-12 May 2013. In this reading however, the emphasis is on letting go of self-blame because whatever it is we think we did or did not do, is actually not our fault. This is where the transformation lies: in changing our perceptions, for-once-and-for-all. Most of us will feel some guilt at some point in our lives, which for the most part, is unjustified. This tends to come up when other people do not approve of our life choices. In truth, we are only responsible for ourselves and to ourselves. Even if we are raising children, we do not need to make choices that diminish our self-worth because then we are teaching them that this is OK.

It is time to release this guilt so that we can morph into the people (and live the lives), that we were always meant to be (and to live).

Happy Transforming!