“What do you need to know about each element/aspect of the self in order to master manifestation this March?”

The Four Element Rune Cast

This rune reading reminds me of the Magician card in the Tarot. The Magician is you, using (or learning to use), the elements around you to create something that you desire or need. These elements also symbolize the different aspects of the self, as I will outline below. Learning to master these parts of you is a life long process but for whatever reason, I am guided that during this month, it is particularly important.

Element of Fire: the spiritual aspect of the self that directs the actions that you need to take on all levels of your being as spirit permeates all levels of existence. Rune: Thurisaz: Adversity, protection, introspection: Self-discipline is needed in order to take the appropriate action.

Element of Water: the emotional aspect of the self. Rune: Jera: Harvest, end of cycle, outcome: Change is coming based on previous work undertaken on your emotions.

Element of Air: the mental aspect of the self. Rune: Inguz: Inner strength, bounty, security: Calm and clear thoughts.

Element of Earth: the physical aspect of the self (including your body, environment, material assets etc.). Rune: Hagalaz: Disruption, sudden loss: The destruction of old and outgrown patterns and facets of yourself/your life.

Overview: The elements of Fire and Earth will go through the most transformation in March. Once again, as is the theme for the start of 2015, making decisions is part of it but this time some action needs to be taken – action that will change things on the physical plane. The emotional and mental planes are both doing well, or, they need to be attended to in March so that they do not have an adverse effect on you when you decide what to do. Using myself as an example once again…I will need to leave the country that I have been inhabiting for the last six months and even though I will return here at some point during the year (I don’t know when that will be) I do not know where I will go from here just yet. I am going to act (Fire) upon my decision in the 11th hour based on whatever is going on for me at that time which will suddenly change my environment/location (Earth). I will need to keep my thoughts (Air) and emotions (Water) balanced and positive as this is something that I am not used to doing – I like to plan things way in advance… I understand that taking a different approach will help me manifest what I desire even if it doesn’t happen right away (and I already know that this is the case).

You can interpret the above information in whatever way works for you – even if it is only one or two elements that apply to your situation right now. As the Magician in your own life, you decide.

Happy Manifesting!