Self Help Therapy Technique Using The Three-Rune Spread

Think of an issue that is still unresolved for you, then apply the past, present, future spread outlined below to help you understand and transform it into something life-affirming.

Past: Berkanan: Growth and fertility in any and all areas of life; new beginnings; lost causes may now be won; healing; purification; new adventures.

Present: Wunjo: Joy; light; good for partnerships; rewards; achievement; happiness must be based on truth, honesty and taking right action, or, it will not last; being in total harmony with life.

Future: Othila: Home (homeland or spiritual home); family; inheritance (possessions, real estate, characteristics); rethinking and aiming for goals without being forceful; the righteous are destined for great prosperity.

 My Interpretation:

There was something (e.g. a job, relationship, project, education and so on) in the past that had to be let go of for some reason – maybe the timing was wrong; you, or, others were not ready for it; you did not have the funds for it (insert any other reason here). It was like placing one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake simultaneously, or the words to that Jimmy Durante song, “Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go, but still have the feeling that you wanted to stay.”

You now have the chance to start over with this abandoned situation. The timing is right but success will only eventuate if you – and everyone else involved – are in integrity.

In the long-run this new endeavor may lead to some kind of prosperity which can come in the form of a new homeland (or a return to your true homeland), financial or material gain. In my opinion, this abundance will be as a result of being of service to humanity. It does not have to be anything huge – maybe you start a barter system in your neighborhood; you become a foster parent; you volunteer at your local community center – there are so many ways for people to help people.

Happy New Beginnings!