“What is the best advice for this month?”

‘Soap Operas’ from Dick Sutphen’s “The Oracle Within.”

“We all have soap operas, stories we repeat in one form or another until we can verbalize them without thinking. They’re tapes that we play at every opportunity. Here are some examples: “I’m underpaid and underappreciated.” “My astrology is messed up because my Aries doesn’t line up with my lover’s Capricorn.” “I’ve got bad karma.” “My husband never takes me anywhere.” “My wife doesn’t give me enough sex.”…It’s time to realize that every time you repeat your soap opera to someone, you program your subconscious mind with more negativity.”

So, it’s time to stop playing out the dramas in your life. The emphasis in the paragraph above is on your thoughts but I have discovered that it is way more than this. It is usually your emotions that need healing before your thoughts will change – feelings have a far stronger energetic pull on you than your thoughts. When core emotional issues are dealt with, your thoughts AND your actions will follow suit. You won’t even need to think about doing things differently anymore – it will be a natural response when your pain has been acknowledged and experienced.

In order to clarify what I am saying, I will use the first example mentioned above, “I’m underpaid and underappreciated.” Right off the bat it is obvious that this person has issues with self-worth. Repeating the mantra “I am worthy” or something like it, no matter how often, is not going to help with the underlying cause because feeling unworthy is emotionally painful. It helps to find out when and how this started to tap into this pain: Was it constant parental or spousal criticism? Poverty? Abuse? Betrayal? From this point, true healing takes place – not some patch-up job resulting from a meagre attempt to change yourself and/or your life simply by using different words every time you speak or think ‘negatively.’ When you tap into your pain, there will be plenty of dark thoughts surfacing and rightly so…it’s the only way that they will go away.

Happy Healing!