“What do we most need to know this month?”

“Searching for Happiness”

(From Dick Sutphen’s “The Oracle Within”)

“You search so hard for happiness, but how can you find it searching for it? Happiness comes from within, the natural result of what you do in life. The more you spread joy to others, the more it will come back to you. If what you’ve been doing has not generated the joy and happiness you desire, it is time to change your approach…Beneath your fears and insecurities, your true nature is pure joy. It isn’t something outside that you can achieve, it is something inside you’ve forgotten – your essence – what you are and what you were meant to be.”

I know that this has been said, and written, thousands of times before – no one and nothing outside of you can make you happy. The truth is, that sometimes external things and other people can make you happy. Children bring me tremendous joy. My cat makes me happy. A good cup of coffee makes me a little high (well…this is a chemical ‘happiness’ so maybe it doesn’t count). The ocean also brings me happiness by allowing me to feel greater peace.

The one thing that all of these external forms of happiness have in common is that they are temporary. Even if you have children of your own, at some point they will grow up and leave, not to mention the fact that even when they are growing up, they will not always be with you.

So, what’s left then? You. Whether you believe yourself to be a physical and/or a spiritual being, at the end of the day (and your life), only you are left with you. For this reason, happiness can only be lasting when it comes from within. It’s not about being on a high all of the time, as this is not the reality of life on this planet. It’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for – it is about knowing why you were born, your life’s purpose. When you have this awareness, you can start living it. From this vantage point, anything is possible.