What do you most need to know this November?

Knight of Wands (Tarot)

Self Help Keywords and Phrases: change; leaving a difficult situation; creativity; new people, ideas, jobs and experiences; restlessness; travel; adventure; ambition; enthusiasm; optimism; relocation; movement; sexual adventures.

The Knight of Wands is a Court card (i.e. King, Queen, Knight, Page) which may also represent people, in this case, it will be new people entering your life. It refers to relationships with the following types of individuals: traveler; negotiator; competitor; an energetic, active person; an impatient person; a young man (between the ages of 20 and 40); an exciting lover.

Be prepared for new people and situations to come into your life this November. You may be the one creating this newness via choices that you make now, or, made at a previous time.

Enjoy this moment for it has been a difficult year.